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Too busy for branding?

You’re too strapped for time – doing interviews, running your business, writing your next best seller, pioneering the Next Best Thing – to work on branding and digital marketing.

But when you get that industry award, land that partnership, or need to promote your new book, are you confident that your online presence is worthy of your professional expertise?

Take control of your brand

Don’t let others define you

May Dream Design, LLC is a full-service branding and digital marketing agency that takes care of everything to show your best self (and your business!) online.

Personal & Corporate Brand Identity

Professional CMS Websites

Copywriting and Ghost Writing

Social Media Strategy & Management

Branding and Identity Design for Industry Experts, Business Owners, and Authors

Everything for your brand

Once you're our client, we will work with you to create the vision and direction for your brand(s), whether it's your personal brand, corporate brand, or any of your projects.

Your brand isn't just your logo – we'll work with you in all elements of your online presence to develop and maintain it.

About May Dream Design, LLC

May Dream Design, LLC is based out of Melbourne, Florida with team members all over the globe. We've helped several successful business owners and organizations with creating their brand, content, and digital marketing.

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Mercy Tapscott, Owner

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