May Dream Design, LLC

Our Mission

To deliver professional branding and marketing without being afraid of stepping out of the box.

We believe...

that everyone should have a personal brand or business brand that they’re proud of. If you’ve neglected your brand, felt invisible, or consider yourself misunderstood professionally, we’ve been there and can help you every step of the way.

We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly agency led by a female woman of color. We value diversity, inclusion and equity.

Mercy Tapscott

The beginning of May Dream Design

May Dream Design, LLC was founded by Mercy Tapscott in 2021 to serve accomplished individuals and successful businesses with bespoke branding and digital marketing services.

After seeing how industry experts, authors, and business owners were neglecting their personal branding, Mercy decided to focus her creative efforts and technological knowledge to establish and improve the branding and online presence of May Dream Design’s clients.

May Dream Design, LLC is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with team members around the globe.

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