Half Moon Monthly Marketing Package

For businesses and personal brands who want a steady stream of content to keep their audiences engaged.


If you’re looking for a steady stream of content for your business or personal brand, our Half Moon marketing package may be the right thing to fill in the gaps of your own marketing efforts. You receive:

  • 25 hours of website updates or design
  • 4 researched blogs with SEO
  • 1 branded video
  • Bi-weekly newsletter

Don’t have a newsletter? We highly recommend having a mailing list as email is one of the best ways to contact and nurture your audience, but if you don’t want a bi-weekly newsletter we can substitute with an equivalent deliverable (a welcome sequence, 2 additional blogs, one lead generator PDF, or 20 social media posts).


What is the process like?

After checking out, you will be prompted to fill out our Project Consultation form. Your account manager will reach out to you to introduce themself and start working with you on the desired content and deliverables. Each deliverable will have 2 rounds of revisions available to you; if no feedback is given for 14 calendar days, then the deliverable will be automatically approved and implemented. Our goal here is to streamline your content marketing and learn your industry, company, and products so that you have the time and energy to focus on growing your business.

The 25 hours of website updates or design are available to you to use as you please. Here are some examples of how those hours can be used:

  • Three new landing pages and 2 lead generator PDFs
  • Redesigning and updating 8-10 of your existing pages
  • Two infographics (research, data organization, writing, and designing)
  • SEO audit, optimizing existing blogs and pages for both SEO and pagespeed

We are a multi-talented team so if you’re in need of something you’re not sure that we do, just ask!


Terms of monthly marketing packages:

  • Fees are non-refundable. Unused hours and deliverables do not roll over.
  • Cancellations require 2-week written notice from either party
  • Subscription fees are autocharged monthly by credit card or PayPal. Alternative payment methods (ACH or Wise) are available by request with an addendum that work will not continue until monthly payment is received.


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