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Professional Author Websites

Publishing your first book and want a website to publicize it? Or do you have a few under your belt, but haven’t created your own author website yet? We can help you to create an author website that appeals to your audience and drives book sales.


Sell More Books & Establish Your Brand

A properly executed author website will have a number of purposes:

Personal Brand

As an author, you want people to know your name. This is helped by having a professional author website for readers to learn more about you.

Press & Media

Do you want the press to write about your book or easily find more information about your works? Having a publicly accessible page with your bio & press kit are crucial.

Collection of Work

Let readers learn all about your books in a dedicated space on your own website and to see the breadth of your work. You can also notify visitors of your upcoming books.

Book Sales

Improve book sales by offering different methods of purchasing, whether that’s e-books or physical books from your own site or on third-party websites like Amazon.


Want to start a book tour? Or want to book speaking engagements to share your research? Share upcoming digital and physical events with your audience.

User Engagement

Build your following by creating an e-mail list, a blog, or even a forum for your readers. Foster your readers into super fans and evangelists!

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Stress-free website process

From Start to Finish

Leave the design and website creation to us! Send us all your available content, photos, and book assets and we will walk you through the website design and development process step-by-step. It’s that easy!

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The Process is Simple


Tell us about the author’s website of your dreams

Let us know about your professional style, your goals for your brand and your website, and your audience.


We’ll design your personal brand and website

We will provide you with a bespoke personal brand and a website to match.


Send us your content, provide feedback, and launch!

We will develop your press kit and website with the content you provide. We launch when you approve!


Author Website Packages

All packages may be customized

Just Starting

for those starting their author journey

$ 3,500+
per project
  • Basic personal brand development
  • Brochure website & blog setup
  • Simple personal branding media kit

New Author

for those with a single work

$ 6,000+
per project
  • New brand development or redesign
  • Brochure website & blog setup
  • Personal branding/book media kit
  • Newsletter setup w/ lead generator
  • Events section for important dates
  • Choice of special project*

Established Author

for those with multiple books

$ 8,000+
per project
  • New brand development or redesign
  • E-commerce website & blog setup
  • Personal branding/book media kit
  • Newsletter setup w/ lead generator
  • Events section or booking page
  • Choice of 2 special projects*

*Special Projects

  • E-commerce setup for one book (digital and/or physical)
  • E-book formatting and listing setup for Amazon KDP
  • Book cover design or other special design project
  • One set of professional headshots (USA only)

Have questions?

Learn more about what May Dream Design can provide you with in regards to your professional author website.

There are several things that we ask for:

  1. Professional headshots and author biography
  2. High-resolution covers of your books
  3. A description for each of your books as well as testimonials, reviews, or other social proof
  4. Summaries of books’ key ideas for press kits
  5. Any additional text or content you would like to include

We are able to serve and design for any genre, including business and management, non-fiction, fiction, thriller, sci-fi, and more.

Professional headshots are a must for any author. They can be used on your book jacket, on your website, in press kits, on social media channels, and anywhere people want to talk about you and your work.

We recommend finding a local professional photographer whose style you like and booking a session with them.

If you’re in the United States, we can send one of our photographers to you for an extra charge.

We often do copy editing for blogs based on the preferred style guide of each brand we have as a client, but copy editing is not one of our advertised services. We can refer you to a copy editor or provide this service to you as part of your package.

If you are self-publishing on Amazon or your publisher is not providing a book cover artist, we can work with you on book covers.

Yes, we can help you with self-publishing on Amazon for both e-books and physical books (that are printed and fulfilled by Amazon). We can also set up your Amazon author profile and sync it with your website’s blog for Amazon author updates.

Although we are not a PR agency, we love digital marketing and can help you create content in the form of blogs, thought pieces, graphics, case studies, PDFs, slide decks, or videos. May Dream Design can provide marketing support on an ongoing basis or as needed. 

Ready to start? Contact us now!

Get more than a professional author website. Partner with digital marketing experts that can take your books’ marketing efforts to the next level.

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