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What we value at May Dream Design

Being Flexible

We have team members across the globe and we communicate through Asana, Slack, and email.

We Are Human

Work/life balance is important to us so that you have the time to spend with your family, engage in your passions, and recharge your creativity and energy.

Growing Your Skills

Learn and grow your abilities as you work on our projects. As your skills improve or you gain new skills, compensation rates are increased.

Earning a Living

We strive to provide fair rates for our team members so they can support their families and live a life worth living – and working for!

Currently seeking

  • NEW: Executive Marketing Assistant
  • Web designers
  • WordPress and PHP web developers
  • Project and account managers
  • Photographer/photo editor
  • Video editor
  • Social media managers
  • Content strategist

We require

  • Excellent communication skills (written) in English
  • Collaborative and positive attitude
  • Ongoing desire to learn and improve
  • Ability to take constructive criticism
  • Ability to self-teach and research
  • Previous experience in the industry
  • Ability to work and execute on an individual basis
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A Message from the Founder

Hi there! I’m Mercy and I founded this company after successfully freelancing for twelve years.

I first began freelancing when I became pregnant with my first child and she was diagnosed with a birth defect. Doctors’ appointments, tube feedings, more doctors’ appointments, surgeries… not something you can handle working 9-5 for a regular company.

I had taught myself graphic design and web design during my teenage years, and so I decided to go pro by working on oDesk (now Upwork). Over the years, I grew my skillset to include advanced WordPress website development, branding, print design, and video editing. I then worked in a corporate setting for a few years as an in-house designer, but I was struggling financially. And being a woman of color without a college degree, it was difficult to fight for what I thought I deserved.

I went back to freelancing before COVID-19 started shutting down the United States. I had saved enough money to move my family from the one bedroom we were living in for the past 3 years (yes, 4 people in a single bedroom) into a house where each of my children had their own bedroom. Thanks to my decision to work for myself again, my family was able to weather the pandemic and stay safe.

Once I knew I would never go back (to living in a single bedroom, to being a full-time employee to a company), I founded May Dream Design, LLC to help businesses and personal brands with their online presences.

I’m going to be completely honest here.

I am the breadwinner for my family and I work very hard to support them. I do not have a college degree, but a passion and drive to be excellent in all that I do.

I believe that you don’t need a degree to be successful, excellent, or a good worker. But I do need my team members to have the same passion and drive to work hard and strive for excellence.

If you think you’d be a good fit with my company, I’d love to see your resume/portfolio, and have a chat.


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